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Online Casinos That Accept Skrill: 2018 Hand-Picked By Industry Experts 

Looking for online casinos that accept Skrill? We’ve got you covered.

Skrill has become an ever-increasingly popular payment method for depositing and withdrawing funds from online casinos, even rivalling the likes of PayPal.

The growth in popularity amongst casino players is for very good reason, by using Skrill you can rest easy knowing that additional security measures are being taken to keep your sensitive banking details safe and to top it off using a ‘Skrill Casino’ allows for faster withdrawal times; double win! But that’s not it, Skrill has PayPal beat in many departments by being available at much more casinos, accepting over 40 different currencies and therefore available in more geographical locations. However, in 2018 most online casinos now accept Skrill as a payment method which leaves us both spoilt for choice but at the same time raises the question of “what is the best Skrill casino?”. Our team of passionate industry experts have surfed the web far and wide, rating and reviewing casino sites to help answer that question and created a comprehensive list of top Skrill casinos and even taken it a step further explaining just how Skrill’s security features work and how it enables faster withdrawal times for most online casinos. Please gamble responsibly.


50 Free Spins &

1-3 Working Days withdrawal times.



20 Free Spins &

1-5 Working Days withdrawal times.



50 Free Spins &

1-3 Working Days withdrawal times.



100 Free Spins &

24-48 Hours withdrawal times.



£100Free Spins &

3-5 days withdrawal times.

3 Reasons Why You Should Be Using a Skrill Casino

Skrill casinos are becoming increasingly popular and for very good reason, we've provided the three biggest reasons why and explained the ins and outs for each.

✅ Additional Security:
The safety of our banking information online is incredibly important and the last thing we want to think about whilst having a little flutter on our favourite casino site is the possibility of that security being compromised and our details used maliciously. By using Skrill and then seeking out online casinos that accept Skrill, you can greatly reduce of being a victim of fraud; Skrill manages to provide additional security by keeping all your details on their end which is padded with the latest fraud protection technology rather than having to enter your bank details on your chosen casino site.

✅  Faster Withdrawal Times:
Waiting 3-5 days for your winnings to reach your bank account can be an absolute pain, the quicker your funds reach you, the better right?
By cutting out the middle man (the bank) online casinos are usually able to get your money to you far quicker, sometimes even in under 12 hours.

But why are e-wallet transfer times faster?

Banks are dealing with millions of transactions daily, all whilst managing you’re your savings and other government subsidies which greatly slow down how fast they can manage transactions.

On the other end of the spectrum, e-wallets are not burdened with huge/high volume transactions and other bureaucracies and can therefore provide much faster transfer times.

✅ Mobile Capability:
With over half of people now accessing the internet via their mobile device, mobile capability is incredibly important and Skrill tends to this need with their amazing mobile app which makes depositing funds a seamless, swift process.

How does Skrill work?

Skrill, or formally known as Moneybookers until rebranding in 2010 is a popular e-wallet which allows for payments and transfers to be made online faster and more securely.

You can use Skrill to send and withdraw funds to various merchants, in this case Skrill casinos in just a matter of hours.

How to Deposit at a Skrill Casino

Firstly, you will need to deposit funds into your Skrill account. This can be done in multiple ways, but the most common would be using your debit/credit card. This is done simply enough, all you have to do is verify your banking details on the Skrill website and then deposit your chosen amount, please not that there will be a 1.9% processing fee.

The second option is to deposit funds via wire transfer, however this method is not automatic and will need to setup the transfer with your bank with the details provided by Skrill (Typically takes 3-5 days).

Once this is complete, when depositing funds to your desired casino site all you need to do is chose ‘Skrill’ under payment options and enter your email and password.

How to Withdraw funds

Withdrawing funds from a Skrill casino is performed exactly how you would traditionally make a withdrawal. Simply navigate to the withdrawal section of your desired online casino, enter the amount that you wish to withdraw and select Skrill as the banking method to be used.

You may decide that you want to keep the money in your Skrill account to make purchases with other vendors, but if you want to get the money in cold hard cash you now need to make a second withdrawal to your bank account. This can be performed in way of a courier cheque or sent directly back to your bank account. Please take note that there will be a fee involved.


Q: Do Skrill casinos have all the features a normal casino would have?

A: Yes, of course. There is no such thing as a ‘Skrill Casino’ per say, rather just online casinos that accept Skrill as a payment method. Therefore, you will find all the features and games, such as ‘Skrill Slots’ as you would at your normal casino site.

Q: Do these casinos accept other payment methods?

A: To our knowledge, there is no such casino at this time solely accepting Skrill as a payment method. Therefore, at any casino accepting Skrill, you should find other payment options such as Neteller, PaySafeCard and even PayPal.